And after egg nog and Taboo, everyone signed up for a half-marathon

These are things that happen when your friends and neighbours are open-minded, broadly athletic and generally fun.

You agree, over Christmas dinner and drinks and cake and games of Taboo and charades, because of a chance 'how about we', to run a half-marathon in 2013.

This leads to a discussion of training regimes and running clubs.

Which reminds you that there are two 30-40 mile bike rides you want to do next year.

So here's what 2013 looks like, from a 'this seemed like such a good idea at the time' perspective:


2 runs/week with Woodside-Sunnyside Running Club

5K by March

10K by June

Half-marathon by December


TD Five Boro Bike Tour - May 5

Ride to Montauk - May 18


Yoga (asana practice) every day in January

Start Ashtanga practice - Feb 1

Start Iyengar practice - Mar 1

Updates as they happen.