Nothing routine about it

Lavender incense. Ravi Shankar's Chants of India on surround sound. Ambient lighting. Tea. I could scarce be more relaxed.

And I wonder, why don't I do this more often? Where this = downtime. Chill out time. Only-one-browser-tab-open-and-it's-the-one-I'm--composing-this-post-in time. 

I get busy. I get caught up. I get sucked into the clicking and the scrolling and the emailing and the constant monitoring of Asana and the checking of and for replies, mentions, reblogs, retweets. Those little hits of dopamine. Those bursts of activity that are more appearance of busy than real productivity.

I have to step out of the busy to get into the zone. Flow requires a presence of mind and an intentionality, a focus, that I cannot attain unless I take a deep breath, don some headphones and turn up some Damian (when deadlines loom) or some Shankar or whatever ambient action Songza serves up. 

Flow requires rest. Downtime. Critical and emotional distance. None of which I sufficiently prioritize.

But sometimes I come home and take a deep breath or five and break out the sitar music and the lavender incense and the jasmine silver needle tea. And I remember, again, that balance is about opposition, too.

A life in beta., continued.