Inbox zero and other stories

I've been using Lift - think of it as a foursquare for habits - since its public launch about two weeks ago: 

(Some of) my lift habits

If nothing else it's reinforced how competitive I am - and that the person I compete with (or against) most is myself. (One of my goals is 'write blog post', and I want to get this post in before midnight to I can check it off in Lift...)

It's also a daily indicator of how I am, or am not, prioritizing. Yoga: winning. Meditate: not so much. Some irony in that one of the habits for which I have zero checkins so far is "prioritize my day".

I am also crushing inbox zero for both my work and main personal inbox. But am still months behind on emails, because I don't include - or regularly check - the two other accounts to which most of my friends-and-family emails go. Which is (another) clear priority fail.

And there are the things I haven't put on the list: run; bike to work; write down one thing every day for which I am grateful (working on just saying this aloud, daily). Read a book every week. 

In this vein I tried the 3 Tiny Habits course by Dr BJ Fogg, with mixed results. My intended habits were (are):

After I wake up, I will not pick up my phone until I meditate for three breaths.
After every email I send, I will take a deep breath and relax.
Before I go to sleep, I will write down one thing I'm grateful for today.

And because I belong to the throw-a-book-at-the-problem school, I bought Eknath Easwaran's text on passage meditation. Which I have started reading. But not finished. Or using. Yet.

(I realize and acknowledge  I sometimes buy books with the same motivations for which I use time-shifting apps like Instapaper.)

I don't want to add too many goals to Lift; or at least, I don't want to add more goals to Lift before the ones currently there become habits.

Like this 'write blog post' situation.