The best team in the world

They were the best team in the world. This is just a tribute.

Dear Alex, Alastair, Denise, Hannah, Rina, Sid, Tom and Vivianne,

Today we dial-in to what TG so aptly dubbed, "the call of presumable doom".

Whatever happens on that call will not erase what you have achieved over the past several months: building a site, a service, a brand, a reputation and an audience from scratch, from nothing, from zero. Reporting and editing and writing and revising while contending with less-than-friendly user interfaces, site flakiness, development requests and full-scale outages. Tackling everything from Arab uprisings to dim sum bonds, Indian telecoms scandals and dubious Russian corporate structures, Brazil's infrastructure woes (including power outages in our own office), African fixed income and overhyped Chinese internet IPOs.

I asked huge amounts of you, and you delivered. I am proud of the body of work you have produced. And I am prouder yet of how you have come together as a team - the dynamic you have shared over these months, and almost entirely virtually.

You have challenged and supported each other over thousands of miles and myriad time zones. You have done tremendous work. You are an extraordinary team.

Know that you have achieved great heights. And that none of you have yet reached your peak.

Thank you for your wit, your hilarious Skype exchanges, your intelligence, your thoughtfulness, your loyalty to each other and to an idea that became FT Tilt.

It has been a pleasure and a rare privilege working with you.